Aesthetic Fillings

We do high quality aesthetic fillings with only the very best materials.

This includes smile makeovers, recreating smiles or rebuilding new teeth!

It is no wonder our patients leave feeling very happy with the work and their rejuvenated smile. Despite the best materials from GC and 3M we have made our prices as low as we possibly can so that our patients can have access to high quality dental work.

Aesthetic Fillings start from only $109!

Aesthetic Fillings Case Studies


Tricia presented with sensitivity on her teeth due to receding gums and needed 6 fillings on her front teeth.

This is a perfect example of the dedication we have to providing the very best fillings that look fantastic!

Aesthetic Fillings

Can you spot the fillings?

Tricia was very happy and had her appointment completely covered by HIF on top of that! One more happy patient and counting.

We use only the very best fillings materials by Dentsply and GC who are leaders in the field.