Dental Gigi Dentures

Dental Gigi provides and makes both partial and complete dentures. Like all our dental work, this is at the highest quality and at affordable prices. Come in for an check up to assess your suitability for dentures.
We accept all health funds and offer payment schemes!

What are dentures

Dentures are basically a removable device in order to replace missing teeth. The other alternatives include bridges or implants. There are pros and cons for having dentures instead of implants or bridges.

Some Advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • Removable
  • Can replace multiple teeth
  • Doesn’t involve much drilling (if at all)


  • Can be very uncomfortable
  • Can be difficult to get used to
  • Increased bacteria and fungi count in mouth
  • Reduced biting ability as compared to teeth or implants
  • Cannot match biting force of teeth or implants
  • Bone loss continues under the denture
  • Loss of hot/cold sensations
  • Not really a permanent fix

Numerous patients often think that a denture will be able to replace a tooth and they will be able to eat and function as per normal. Dentures (especially complete dentures) are not able to provide anywhere near the same biting force as teeth or for the matter implants. They can also be very uncomfortable and some people find it extremely difficult to adjust to them.
We always ask our patients to have realistic expectations of them and the best thing they can have is still their own teeth! Keep brushing!!

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