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Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. They have high success rates, and if well taken care of can last a lifetime. Our team is experienced.  Our dentists are qualified and able to do complex surgeries, procedures, bone grafting. 

We guarantee the best prices in Perth for your dental implants. Your implants are placed by experienced dentists, using the latest technology after thorough planning and collaboration with the best ceramists in Perth. We dont cut any corners and use guided surgery. See our more information in our main clinic link below. 


Are Implants suitable for me?

Team who are able to Bone Grafting and Complex Implant Surgery.

Our 6 Experienced Dentists

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Why Us

Here are some reasons why we pride ourselves on the right practices for implant dentistry and achieve the very best outcomes for our numerous happy patients. 

  • Implants placed by experienced dentists   
  • Best Practice in Implants Guided Surgery Method
  • Extensive planning with use of CBCT technology
  • High success rates and numerous successful cases

Harman Singh


Where do we even start with the fabulous Dr Harman Singh. A highly skilled, experienced and competent dentist who on top of her dentistry qualifications, is now pursuing her Doctor in Medicine. She would be one of the handful of dentists in all of Western Australia to be dual qualified in Medicine and Dentistry and achieve her long term goal of becoming an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. The number of dentists who would have her qualifications in Perth could probably be counted with your number of fingers. This is quite an achievement! Dr Harman is superb with her surgeries, root canals and fillings all alike and a terrific pillar to our team.

Stephen doyle


Dr Stephen is an experienced dentist with over 35 years in the industry. He loves doing extractions and comes in on Mondays and Tuesdays for complex wisdom teeth surgery. He is here to be of service to patients. We have sometimes seen him whip out wisdom teeth in under 5 mins and has done over 40000 extractions in his dental career! What a champ!

Steven Zhang


Dr Zhang is a skilled, competent and all rounder dentist who has great love and curiousity for dentistry. Thats such a wonderful trait to have as a dentist and person because a keen and sharp mind combined with excellent hands makes Dr Zhang a terrific dentist. Dr Zhang is a local UWA DMD Graduate and can speak both Mandarin and English fluently. Dr Zhang loves keeping fit outside of work and trains in Mixed Martial Arts in the evenings. He says, healthy body, healthy mind and gives attention in balance in his life as well as to his patients. Dr Zhang looks forward to serving everyone with his fine skilled hands and keen nature.

Jazeera Faizal


Dr Jazeera is an outstanding and highly experienced dentist who is probably also our patient favourite. She makes everyone feel at ease, while completing all treatment to a level of perfection, very much like a Graceful Swan. She is described as thorough, calm and meticulous by her patients. Dr Jazeera is excellent at the broad spectrum of dentistry and can can also do extractions, wisdom teeth removal and root canals. Dr Jazeera is here to be of service.

Alexander Yap


Dr Alex is a competent and skilled dentist who believes the magic is in the details. Whether its a check up or a filling, he always gives quality time to his patients. His work is completed to the highest standards and his patients love him for his informative nature. They often say that they knew exactly what was happening during treatment. Dr Alex is a DMD Graduate locally from the University of Western Australia. Dr Alex would love to be of service to you and your family. He is also skilled and competent in surgical and wisdom teeth removal which is a very handy skill set to have.

Sadha Shiv Gupta


Dr Shiv is an experienced dentist who trained and graduated locally from the University of Western Australia. He is also a part of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists besides also being an active member of the ADA and participating heavily in CPD courses across Australia. Dr Shiv has a strong passion for implants as he was fortunate to have been given some very complex cases over the years. He was also part of a team who travelled to Vietnam as part of a CHAT volunteer programme where they treated underprivileged children and monks. Dr Shiv loves dance, music and spending time with family, friends and his adorable German Shephard. He also loves his hometown Singaporean food.

Sadha Shiv Gupta


Dr Shiv trained and graduated from the University of Western Australia and has a strong passion for root canal treatment as he was fortunate to have been given some very complex cases over the years. Dr Shiv is an active member of the ADA and participates heavily in CPD courses across Australia. He was part of a team who travelled to Vietnam as part of a CHAT volunteer programme where they treated underprivileged children and monks. Dr Shiv loves dance, music and spending time with family, friends and his adorable German Shephard.

Varnika Chaudhary


Dr Varnika is the newest team member to the family, however she is not at all new to dentistry. She has worked her way through not just her dentistry qualifications, but also cleared the very stringent ADC examination before working in Perth. She was offered roles in multiple clinics including a Government based clinic where she formed key foundations and saw a variety of patients requiring complex treatment with varying medical conditions. Dr Varnika is well versed with surgery, root canals, fillings and all the full range of dentistry. She takes a special interest in aesthetic cases and will love to be able to serve you and the community.

Take the first step with the unbeatable

While Implants do have a high success rate well above 90%, there are some important patient considerations which must be taken into account. On a systemic level, diabetes and smoking are risk factors to implants. Additionally patients who grind their teeth have a greater risk to their implants failing after some time and will need additional care post placement. On a site level patients must have sufficient bone volume for the implant to be placed. The quality of bone at the site is also important.

For patients with insufficient bone volume or quantity, there are bone grafting options available which can assist in growing bone back. There are a variety of brands and options and bone takes about 6 months to grow and stabilize after which a 3D scan is taken to assess for bone growth in the site. We work together with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons who maybe required for more complex grafting procedures prior to your implant placement.

The surgery is often painless if sufficient anaesthetic is used. Patients tend to indicate that the main discomfort comes from the injection and after which there is no pain as per say. There would be some mild pressure felt during the procedure but nothing that feels 'painful'. In other words its generally quite a smooth and painless procedure. There will be some pain after the procedure as the body recovers. We generally say about 3 - 5 days of mild - moderate pain which can be managed with general painkillers.

A guided surgery makes your implant placement safer, more predictable with a much lower chance of damaging any key structures such as nerves or sinus floors. It is a slightly more costly method of surgery and does require more planning, however it reduces the risk of complication and unforeseen issues.

The first step is always for us to have a check and clean to identify any medical conditions and risk factors besides any other existing oral conditions or issues. From there specific bone and site assessment will be required primarily via a 3D Scan or CBCT. From there once we are sure of all the factors we can propose a plan and course of action. There are 5 main steps and dental implants can take up to 12 months from start to finish for some patients. We always do first recommend our check & clean as a baseline starting point, this is kept at a super special $199 package.

We are a practice of 20 staff and 7 dentists across 2 locations. We can afford to keep our costs lower as we have over 9000 patients across our 2 branches who come in not just for implants but all sort of dental treatment. We carry only the top Implant Brands and market leaders with 100% original components used. Your crowns are made locally in Burswood and not overseas and its finished to the highest quality Zirconia. We have gone out of our way to give you the absolute best. And we use only a Guided Surgery System made in Australia with no compromises. And on top of all of that, are our prices good? They absolutely are. Book in for a free consult to discuss more with us.

somE of our happy patients..(and we have lots)

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The Best Prices in perth.

Complete Implant

$ 3000 From
  • 1x Implant
  • 1x Implant Abutment
  • 1x Implant Crown

3 Unit Bridge

$ 8500 From
  • 2x Implants
  • 2x Abutments
  • 3x Implant Crowns

Complete Arch

$ 12000 From
  • 4x Implants
  • 4x Abutments
  • 1x Complete Arch Denture

Why use a Guided Surgery Method?

Take the first step with the

The Four Stages of Implant surgery

Stage 1: Implant Planning

We will conduct a thorough clinical assessment to determine your suitability and risk assessment for implants. This involves often taking a 3D CBCT of your jaw for us to plan for your implant to the highest standards. Some important considerations include the following.  

  • Amount of bone in jaws
  • Site of implant
  • Quality of bone in jaws
  • Spacing available for implant
  • Oral hygiene levels, care levels
  • Smoking, diabetes and other systemic conditions
  • Proximity to nerves, arteries and other structures
  • Clenching or grinding habits
After assessing for these considerations we will advise of your best option forward including for some patients a bone graft being required or being suitable for an implant immediately. 

Stage 2: Guide Fabrication

Dental Gigi uses a guided method of Implant placement which is the very best on the market. What this means is that a special guide is made prior to your surgery which will enable us to perform surgery to the highest standards. Refer to the image on the left which shows how a surgical guide looks like and sits exactly where the implant is going to be placed. This allows for better accuracy, placement and reduces human errors during the procedure. 

The alternative is called a free hand placement, or essentially with no surgical guide being used. This can often can result in some errors in placement or other issues. We highly recommend the use of surgery with proper planning and the use of a guide. The implants we use are of the highest quality and from Israel. It is used in over 100 countries across the world including the United States, Germany and most of Asia. Once your customized implant and guide arrive you are ready for Stage 3: Implant Surgery. 

Stage 3: Implant Surgery

On the day of surgery you will be made comfortable and explained the entire process once again before we commence surgery. The room is kept sterile and bacterial loads are kept to a minimum with surgical drapes and sterile equipment. You will be provided with ample local anaesthetic and the surgery generally will last for about 30- 45 minutes for each implant site. It is common to have a few days of pain after but often can be managed with the use of pain medication. 

After your surgery is completed we generally ask patients to wait about 1 – 3 months before we load your crown in Stage 4. We can sometimes load the crown earlier but it would be a case to case basis. A temporary healing cap is placed and the gums will sometimes be allowed to grow over your submerged implant. 

Stage 4: Crown Loading

The final stage is now here about 1-3 months after your implant surgery. The firsyt step would be an assessment of your implant strength and whether your implant has integrated with your body. This would often be the case for about 95% of implant cases at that stage. For the remaining 5% we will continue to let the body do its work in integration and accepting the implant before deciding when to load the implant.

The crown inserting process is a 2 appointment process where were take a set of impression and a shade colour for your teeth. This is sent to a laboratory professionally in Perth for your implant crowns and abutment to be made. Only 100% original components are used and all work is locally made to the highest Australian standards.