Our objective at Dental Gigi is simple. Use the very best products on the market and charge the lowest possible price. As such all our fillings materials are from either GC, 3M or Dentsply Sirona. These are all market leaders in innovation and filling technology. We pride ourselves on our quality. Our patients leave knowing we have given them the very best possible treatment and their fillings will last as long as possible.

Dental Gigi Dental Filling

We choose to spend on high quality filling materials that are manufactured in first world countries like Germany and The United States. For us, your health and quality of work is our main priority, both for you and for us.

After all of these our filling prices start from only $229! Larger fillings will require more material and time during the procedure, hence prices will vary. We accept all health funds and all prices are before your health fund rebate.

Do I need Fillings

Fillings are required when there decay and this maybe accompanied with tooth sensitivity, pain on biting or gum disease. It is important to intervene with decay sooner rather than later as the longer decay is left the deeper it can get. If you start to feel any form of sensitivity do get a check up done as the earlier we intervene the better. Your consultation is just $69.

our filling materials are of highest quality and from either US or Germany.