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Dental Gigi has had over 9000 patients choose us as their dentist in Perth. We have a team of 6 dentists and 20 staff with numerous patients choosing us for their Invisalign treatment. Have a look at some of our before and after results below which speak for themselves. 

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Our 6 experienced dentists

Harman Singh


Where do we even start with the fabulous Dr Harman Singh. A highly skilled, experienced and competent dentist who on top of her dentistry qualifications, is now pursuing her Doctor in Medicine. She would be one of the handful of dentists in all of Western Australia to be dual qualified in Medicine and Dentistry and achieve her long term goal of becoming an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. The number of dentists who would have her qualifications in Perth could probably be counted with your number of fingers. This is quite an achievement! Dr Harman is superb with her surgeries, root canals and fillings all alike and a terrific pillar to our team.

Stephen doyle


Dr Stephen is an experienced dentist with over 35 years in the industry. He loves doing extractions and comes in on Mondays and Tuesdays for complex wisdom teeth surgery. He is here to be of service to patients. We have sometimes seen him whip out wisdom teeth in under 5 mins and has done over 40000 extractions in his dental career! What a champ!

Jazeera Faizal


Dr Jazeera is an outstanding and highly experienced dentist who is probably also our patient favourite. She makes everyone feel at ease, while completing all treatment to a level of perfection, very much like a Graceful Swan. She is described as thorough, calm and meticulous by her patients. Dr Jazeera is excellent at the broad spectrum of dentistry and can can also do extractions, wisdom teeth removal and root canals. Dr Jazeera is here to be of service.

Alexander Yap


Dr Alex is a competent and skilled dentist who believes the magic is in the details. Whether its a check up or a filling, he always gives quality time to his patients. His work is completed to the highest standards and his patients love him for his informative nature. They often say that they knew exactly what was happening during treatment. Dr Alex is a DMD Graduate locally from the University of Western Australia. Dr Alex would love to be of service to you and your family. He is also skilled and competent in surgical and wisdom teeth removal which is a very handy skill set to have.

Sadha Shiv Gupta


Dr Shiv is an experienced dentist who trained and graduated locally from the University of Western Australia. He is also a part of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists besides also being an active member of the ADA and participating heavily in CPD courses across Australia. Dr Shiv has a strong passion for implants as he was fortunate to have been given some very complex cases over the years. He was also part of a team who travelled to Vietnam as part of a CHAT volunteer programme where they treated underprivileged children and monks. Dr Shiv loves dance, music and spending time with family, friends and his adorable German Shephard. He also loves his hometown Singaporean food.

Sadha Shiv Gupta


Dr Shiv trained and graduated from the University of Western Australia and has a strong passion for root canal treatment as he was fortunate to have been given some very complex cases over the years. Dr Shiv is an active member of the ADA and participates heavily in CPD courses across Australia. He was part of a team who travelled to Vietnam as part of a CHAT volunteer programme where they treated underprivileged children and monks. Dr Shiv loves dance, music and spending time with family, friends and his adorable German Shephard.

Varnika Chaudhary


Dr Varnika is the newest team member to the family, however she is not at all new to dentistry. She has worked her way through not just her dentistry qualifications, but also cleared the very stringent ADC examination before working in Perth. She was offered roles in multiple clinics including a Government based clinic where she formed key foundations and saw a variety of patients requiring complex treatment with varying medical conditions. Dr Varnika is well versed with surgery, root canals, fillings and all the full range of dentistry. She takes a special interest in aesthetic cases and will love to be able to serve you and the community.

Steven Zhang


Dr Zhang is a skilled, competent and all rounder dentist who has great love and curiousity for dentistry. Thats such a wonderful trait to have as a dentist and person because a keen and sharp mind combined with excellent hands makes Dr Zhang a terrific dentist. Dr Zhang is a local UWA DMD Graduate and can speak both Mandarin and English fluently. Dr Zhang loves keeping fit outside of work and trains in Mixed Martial Arts in the evenings. He says, healthy body, healthy mind and gives attention in balance in his life as well as to his patients. Dr Zhang looks forward to serving everyone with his fine skilled hands and keen nature.

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What is Invisalign? Explained in Video

Invisalign treatment varies by each patient and their requirements, however great results can be achieved in a short space of time as there is a constant force of 22 hours a day being exerted on your teeth. A light force over a long period can bring great results. We do offer Invisalign Go which means you can have up to 20 aligners or about 5 months of treatment.

The only time you do not wear your aligners are when you are eating. You do need to wear them for 22 hours a day during your treatment. After your treatment is completed, we can have a lower and upper lingual wire placed on the back of your teeth to hold your place in their new position. Alternatively you may have to wear a plastic retainer for an extended period of time which can easily be years to hold them in place. We do recommend the lingual wires be placed for ease and compliance.

Most patients indicate there being some mild discomfort on the first 2 days of every week. Remember you change your aligners every week, and the most force is exerted during the first 2 days when the teeth shape to their new aligner. The next 5 days tend to have very little discomfort. There maybe some interproximal shaving of your teeth if necessary to create space and again sometimes some mild discomfort. In Summary, Invisalign generally does have some mild discomfort but nothing excessive as we have noted with our patients.

You would need to come in once a month for the duration of your treatment. This would be for us to provide you with your new aligners, and make any necessary changes. There maybe some additional appointments required for rebonding attachments or other care aspects, but generally once a month for the duration of the treatment.

The first step is always to first ensure your teeth are in good health. This means a good check up and clean with us. There is no point having a well shaped arch or teeth but having functional problems or decay and other critical issues. Your health of your teeth are just as important as their aesthetics and how they appear. We suggest booking in for our $199 capped price check & clean for general oral health and forward from there.

some of our happy patients.. (and we have lots)

wendy before 7 (4) wendy after (3)
Leanne before (6) Leanne after (2)
liz cockell before 8 (5) liz cockell after front (5)
nabillah before (2) Nabiliiah after2
martin buckley before 5 Martin buckley after 2 (2)
Liz before (2) Liz Cockell After (3)

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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces and is almost invisible and can be used to straighten teeth in most instances. Invisalign has become very popular and a number of our patients come in requesting specially and specifically for this brand. The reason is due to its established name, great results and simplicity in terms of treatment. We work hand in hand directly with Invisalign in planning your treatment and every stage and step is guided with a final outcome in mind.

Capped price $199 check ups & cleans done by our experienced team. All health insurance accepted and preferred provider for most. 

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