Teeth Whitening

Whitening Before and After

In Chair Professional Whitening: $599

Dental Gigi uses Zoom In Chair Professional Teeth Whitening for patients looking to get their teeth whitened. This is one of the very best professional tooth whitening brands available. The whole session will take approximately 1.5 hours in the chair and you could achieve up to 8 shades lighter teeth! The extent and amount of whitening is often different for each individual person.

Our patients have generally achieved fantastic results and the procedure will be done by a qualified dentist rather than a oral health therapist. On top of that if you have a health fund they often cover approximately half the cost (based on our experience), though everyone is different.

As an added special if you bring a second friend we wipe of a further 15% off this price. Prices are also before your health care rebate and we accept all health funds!

Take Home Whitening: $399

The take home whitening is less effective then the professional in chair whitening however our patients have still been very happy but often they do not get the same results of our In Chair whitening patients. The dramatic whitening effect is often seen with the stronger in chair sessions. This take home price includes special mould of your teeth and the take home gels. If you do want a longer lasting and more dramatic whitening effect the in chair whitening is still definitely the way to go!